About US

Rustic Stars came to be when Diane and Trish, mother and daughter started talking about building a business together, over 8 years ago. Hardisty has been home and these 2 wanted to bring something special to the little town. Shortly after discussions around the kitchen table a plan was made.
Dean & Diane, bought the previous business Crocus Hill and slowly created Rustic Stars. It has seen a few changes over the 8 years but one thing hasn`t changed and that is the Rustic, country charm. Over the years Trish`s love for Christmas has been a huge success for this little store. Rustic Stars is known for being the Christmas Store in the Flagstaff County. Each year Trish works hard creating her Christmas line up, and builds over 15/30 themed Christmas Tree`s depending on they year. People come from all area`s of Alberta in November and December to find their Christmas Spirt. Trish`s 2 children Reegan and Kaleb are now starting to help out at Rustic Stars. Reegan own`s the clothing brand SPEED Demons. You can find her designs right here. Family, being Canadian and the love for our community is very important to them.
We hope that you enjoy our little store, and if you are in our neck of the woods we would love to visit with you. We wish you and your family all the best, stay safe and take care.
-Dean, Diane, Trish, Reegan and Kaleb